Rutland, VT Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

See how Physical Rehabilitation & Health Center can help you

When you're dealing with chronic fatigue, everything in life becomes difficult—even things you used to once enjoy.

Physical Rehabilitation & Health Center, a functional medicine doctor in Rutland, VT, has worked with many patients who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and has had great success.

Typically people associate this type of constant and excessive tiredness with simply living busy lives. However, the reality is that the cause is often much deeper than that, making functional medicine extremely helpful when dealing with this particular condition.

For example, chronic fatigue has been heavily linked with gut dysfunction, which means that getting your digestive tract in order can typically help reduce your levels of fatigue. Additionally, stress levels often play a role as well, so finding a way to reduce the tension and anxiety in your work and home life offers many positive benefits too. These are some of the issues that Physical Rehabilitation & Health Center can help you with.

Research has also found that toxins in your environment can potentially contribute to your feelings of higher than normal levels of fatigue. This makes identifying and eliminating them necessary to regaining your energy and your spark for life on a long term basis.

Essentially, functional medicine isolates the cause of your specific chronic fatigue so that you can also find and implement an effective solution. That is the goal, isn't it?

If you want to get your life back, give Physical Rehabilitation & Health Center a call in our Rutland office today at (802) 775-6961.


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